New underground bars in St. Petersburg
Sergey Goncharov, a bar expert and author of a book on informal Petersburg, talks about the best cultural and ceremonial places from the recently opened. “Underground bars" is a rather…

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The best restaurants in Tallinn
The main gastronomic direction of this summer is the capital of Estonia, where local chefs built local gourmet cuisine on top of venison and wild garlic: the best restaurants in…

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The 20 best restaurants in the world that you should definitely visit
Dinner at a restaurant is not just a matter of food and satiety. It can be a real adventure. Some restaurants offer gourmet dishes, incredible views and amazing atmosphere -…

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The most original and unusual bars in the world

Eat and drink in the barrel of the baobab, in the laundry room, in the ancient cave or in the stomach of the Alien? It is quite possible. But even this does not end with the list of the most unusual bars in the world open for tourists. Read about them in our illustrated review.

Where: Reykjavik, Iceland

In this bar you can not only eat and drink, but also wash clothes. This is an incredible combination of a restaurant, laundry and library. Rows of books, cozy bean bags, simple tables and a self-service laundry room in the basement. On the ground floor there is also a children’s playroom with soft sofas, designers, Continue reading

Best Valencia Restaurants and Bars

Mediterranean cuisine and, in general, the gastronomy of Valencia is another of its recognized attractions. If you love to eat and are a fan of various cuisines of the world, then welcome to Valencia, where you will find chic restaurants with Michelin stars for special occasions, and cozy bars with delicious tapas and snacks.

Especially for gourmets and those who have just started acquaintance with the gastronomic Valencia, we have compiled a list of the 50 best restaurants and bars of the city, where you are advised to drop by at least once. Continue reading

5 Michelin-starred Strasbourg restaurants

1. Au Crocodile Restaurant
Average bill: from 48 € to 148 €

Restaurants in strasbourg reviews

“The crocodile is about to regain its former glory. Frank Pelux, a former Top Chef 2017 finalist, seeks to modernize the Alsatian terroir. The professional service, managed by the hostess and partner chef Sarah, demonstrates delicate cuisine and well-designed recipes … Crocodile has a great future, ”said the Michelin guide inspector. Continue reading

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The best bars of Amsterdam
The best places in Amsterdam are those that are visited not only by tourists, but also by local residents. Having visited these places, you can fully imbue the local flavor…


The updated interior of the restaurant at the National Hotel
Moscow Hotel National is a legendary historical monument. It hosts guests in historical interiors, and among those household items those that belonged to the royal family are preserved. Of course,…


What kind of beer to try in Denmark
Every true fan of foamy certainly knows the Tuborg and Carlsberg brands. But far from all the regulars of pubs and bars, these popular brands are associated with Danish beer.…


Where to eat in Beijing: a selection of the best restaurants
Beijing is the capital of one of the great states of our planet - China! Greatness here is in everything - culture, traditions, and what is of no small importance…