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Where to eat in Beijing: a selection of the best restaurants

Beijing is the capital of one of the great states of our planet – China! Greatness here is in everything – culture, traditions, and what is of no small importance – cuisine! Chinese cuisine deserves that every gourmet, regardless of their nationality, at least once tasted the traditional dishes of the homeland of the Great Wall of China!
In Beijing, any tourist will easily find a place (for taking samples from Chinese cuisine), both by entourage and by wallet! Be it a backpacker with a budget of $ 100 / week or a wealthy gentleman who can afford to leave £ 200 in a restaurant!
Here and now a brief overview of some of the best and rated restaurants in Beijing and prices in Beijing for lunch and dinner!

The best restaurants in Beijing – Restaurant “Lan Club”!
Lan Club is an exclusive cocktail bar and restaurant in Beijing with a chic art collection and antique furniture. The restaurant was designed by French architect and designer Philippe Starck. For a comfortable stay, guests will find an oyster bar, a luxurious cigar smoking room, a classic English bar and a restaurant serving delicious Beijing contemporary cuisine.
Address: 4th floor, LG Twin Towers, B12 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District.
Average bill per person: 250-400 yuan.

The best restaurants in Beijing – The Red Capital Club Restaurant!
This cozy restaurant in the style of communist China is considered one of the best establishments in Beijing. The restaurant is located in a traditional Chinese building, after a recent restoration of which the atmosphere of the 1950s was recreated here. Here, a whole collection of the Mao era is collected: portraits and sculptures of the leader, propaganda posters and literature, old leather sofas from Mao’s offices, favorite chairs of his generals. Visitors can try authentic Beijing dishes prepared by the best chefs in China. Be sure to check out the wine cellar located in the former bomb shelter.
Address: No. 66 Dongsi Jiu Tiao, Dongcheng District.
Arrangement: the restaurant is in 15-20 minutes of walking from the Swissotel, Beijing Asia and Poly Plaza hotels.
Average bill per person: 250-300 yuan.
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Master Card, Amex.
Opening hours: from 18:00.
Dress code: unofficial.
Reservations are required.

The best restaurants in Beijing – My Humble House Restaurant! (west entrance of the Grand Hyatt Hotel))
Restaurant “My Humble House” is a luxurious and luxurious restaurant serving Chinese cuisine. The design of the institution is made in a restrained, arrogant style, and the dishes are beyond praise.
Address: 1 East Chang’an Ave., Beijing Oriental Plaza Podium Level W3 (West Entrance of the Grand Hyatt Hotel).
Average bill per person: 200-300 yuan.

The best restaurants in Beijing – “Summer Palace”!
Restaurant “Summer Palace” differs from traditional Beijing establishments. It serves superbly prepared Cantonese and hiyuan dishes. The restaurant also specializes in dim sum dishes – it is a kaleidoscope of small snacks, the most varied and unusual. The restaurant was decorated in the Shanghai style of the 1930s and the time spent here will bring you real pleasure!
Address: 2F, China World, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District.
Average bill per person: 200-400 yuan.

Beijing is not the most expensive city in terms of food, especially considering that it is not customary for Chinese institutions to tip (instead, a tax is added to the cost of the order). There are many restaurants in the city, even for the most fastidious gourmet. In addition to traditional Chinese dishes, here you can try the culinary of countries of Europe, Russia, India.

We have already written directly about the traditions of Beijing cuisine in the general review of “Cuisine in China.” It is better to first get a basic understanding of what and how Peking people eat.

Where to eat a peking duck
To visit Beijing and not to taste the Peking duck is a gastronomic crime. Often, all Chinese cuisine is associated with tourists with this particular dish. The duck treat is so popular that some tourists come to Beijing solely for its sake.

Where is this dish best prepared?

The cost of a whole duck is 288 yuan
Address of the main restaurant of the chain: Haidian District, ul. Qianmen 32
Quanjude |全聚德

Recognized as the best Peking duck restaurant in the world.

Its founder, Yang Quanzhen, created a special way of baking ducks in an open oven with fuel based on Chinese dates and pear wood, so that the dish acquires a fruity aroma.

The city has a whole network of Quanjuide restaurants.

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