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Gastronomic walk in Baku

For many years I live far from my homeland, in Europe. But at the moment she came to her native Azerbaijan. I am a physicist by profession, and a cook in my heart. I am engaged in everything related to food, I cook and share recipes in my blog, I study food photography. I visit cafes, restaurants and write an objective opinion about the institutions.

Baku is a foodie’s paradise, as the local people love to eat in cafes. You can find places for every taste. The very first thing a tourist should try is local cuisine. It is so rich that you can not have time to taste everything.

To try the local cuisine, it is best to walk along Icheri Sheher – the historical part of Baku, where there are dozens of restaurants serving national cuisine.

Manqal and Burc Qala Restaurants

In these restaurants you need to try the Azerbaijani soup Dyushbyar and Yarpag Hingal. The cold season is the time for these dishes. I also advise you to try the most delicate gutaba with greens, meat and pumpkin.

Manqal is a more budget option, and there is always a full house, the average check is 10-20 manats.

Burc Qala prices are above average.

Shirvanshah Museum Restaurant

This is not just a restaurant of delicious national cuisine – it is a whole museum. In every room, in every office, history and atmosphere are hidden. To eat and go around the entire museum, admire every detail, you may not have enough even half a day.

I also like quality service and live music. Prices are above average.

Restaurant Chio Chio San

Fans of Japanese cuisine need to come to this restaurant. Cozy and relaxed atmosphere is suitable for a romantic dinner or gatherings with the family. Here are delicious and, most importantly, fresh sushi. I would say the best in Baku. And the service will pleasantly surprise you.

Cafe CoffeeMania

If you are looking for where to have breakfast in Baku, then without thinking, choose this cafe.

Here is a good selection of breakfasts, but I recommend taking a set for two. This is a rich breakfast option for just 11 euros. Plus unlimited tea in Turkish cups. After breakfast, enjoy freshly brewed Turkish coffee.

Restaurant Toro Steak House

Toro Steak House is one of the ten best steakhouses in Baku.

This restaurant is located in the green Ataturk Park, where it will be nice to stroll after a delicious dinner. The restaurant offers juicy steaks and burgers. Meat and other products used in cooking are produced exclusively in Azerbaijan.

In this restaurant you can enjoy the best national breakfast. A set for two costs 10 euros.

Restaurant MariVanna

A restaurant with a magical atmosphere, here you feel like visiting your grandmother in Soviet times.

In the restaurant you will be served delicious and satisfying well-known and beloved dishes of Russian cuisine. The menu includes dumplings, homemade pies, a herring under a fur coat, the most tender beef tongue.

The score will be above average, but it’s worth it. The location of the restaurant is good, you can take a walk after dinner on Baku Boulevard.

Anderson Family cafe and Backery

For exiting with children, the best option is AnderSon. It will be fun for children and delicious parents. The restaurant is located in the city center. The menu is thought out to the smallest detail so that everything is extremely useful and loved by children.

There is a play area with nannies, a trampoline for older children. You can watch the children in the play area through the glass. And here is excellent service.

Shaurma No. 1

Everyone should try this fast food, because you will no longer find such shawarma with secret sauce in any other country. The composition includes chicken meat cooked with spices, french fries, pickles and magic sauce. There are many branches in the city, the most convenient in the location is the one located in the center of Baku on Fontanov Street.

The cost of such shawarma in bread or pita is 2 euros. You can also buy the sauce for an additional 40 cents.

There are a great many catering establishments in Baku. Most of them have good Azerbaijani cuisine. Here is a list of places where locals eat and have fun.

Barbecue Steak House

The steakhouse, with by no means affordable prices, but decent Baku cuisine, is adjacent to a traditional restaurant (second room). It is very cozy here, in the evenings national music plays.

The meat is local and American, cooked on fire. Large selection of national dishes. From time to time, the restaurant organizes a culinary show in front of guests. In the evening, many wealthy Baku People gather here.

The average bill is 200 manat (about 10,000 rubles). Accept cards.

Nar & SharabBig complex, consisting of a restaurant, banquet halls and a swimming pool, is located outside the city, on the Caspian coast, and offers beautiful panoramic views of the sea.

The cuisine is national, with excellent lamb, fresh vegetables and local wines. In summer, next to the pool, there is a terrace with sea views.

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