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10 best bars in Europe

For 9 consecutive years, the World’s 50 Best Bars rating has been published annually – a kind of guide to the coolest drinking establishments on our planet. To compile it, a vote is held among 500 industry experts from around the world. The entire list of the best of the best in 2017 can be found here. We chose the top ten coolest bars in Europe from the rating.

American bar

London, Great Britain

The American bar at Savoy Hotel in London was named the best cocktail bar in the world this year. The institution is already 125 years old, once such legendary bartenders as Ada Coleman, Harry Craddock and Peter Dorelli worked here. Today in the bar you can try not only classic drinks, but also the latest novelties of cocktail making. And the institution offers a great way to get to know the UK better – taste drinks from different regions and locations of the country: Edinburgh, Pennins, Sherwood Forest and others.

Athens, Greece

The Clumsies is a bar where you can not only miss a couple of cocktails, but also a good hang out. It is a large space with several rooms and even a private room. In general, Clumsies is a whole brand: the bar team periodically organizes various international cocktail projects. Thanks to this, the inhabitants of Athens from time to time can taste drinks from the best bartenders in the world. As for the cocktail card of the bar itself – it is updated here annually. Everything can be prepared: from fruit water to complex seasonal cocktails.

Little red door

Paris, France

A conceptual bar whose menu is based on the original works of local artists. To develop a cocktail card, the project team did a great job, studying special literature and talking with professionals in the field of art. Well, how else to find out in a different way how cocktails look and taste, for example, in the art deco style? This meticulous art approach is very attractive to visitors at Little Red Door. In addition to the unusual menu, the bar has a cozy atmosphere and good service.


Oslo, Norway

The coolest cocktail bar in Oslo with a huge selection of drinks and a great summer terrace. Himkok has its own important feature – it pays special attention to regional products. Most of the cocktails at Himkok are prepared based on unique Norwegian flavors: seaweed, birch, and even Brunost caramelized milk cheese.

Lost & found

Nicosia, Cyprus

Specialists like to joke that this bar has a black belt for the ability to mix and mix. And if you are brought to Nicosia, be sure to check out Lost & Found and try the bestseller of the bar – the Three of Strong cocktail. It is mixed with spiced rum, passion fruit, Aperol and Demerara oil craft lemonade. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very atmospheric: the bar is decorated with many interesting retro gizmos, from vintage posters on the walls to an old gramophone in the corner.

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy

Rome, Italy

The institution is named after the legendary bartender Jerry Thomas, who lived in the middle of the XIX century. Thomas is the author of each professional bartender’s handbook, How to Mix Drinks. And in the bar Jerry Thomas Speakeasy to this day you can try cocktails prepared according to old recipes Jerry Thomas. They are mixed by bartenders dressed in retro costumes from the time of Thomas. There are more than enough copyright drinks here. Experts especially advise trying a Shortbreak cocktail based on scotch tape and coffee liqueur with lemon.

Tales & spirits

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A cozy bar is located in an old building, therefore the interior of the institution is appropriate. There are high ceilings, walls made of original red bricks and a lot of antique objects around. The bartenders at Tales & Spirits are able to surprise – what is the only Mexican Zombie avocado cocktail. In the bar, you can optionally walk through the classics. Special attention is paid to dishes serving drinks and snacks. Interestingly, the bar smoothly transforms into the adjacent cool store T & S Atelier. This theme shop contains rare bar tools, books and spirits.


Munich, Germany

Schumann’s opened in 1982, and moved to its current home on Odeonsplatz in 2003. Talking about the establishment, it is impossible not to mention its owner – Germany’s most famous bartender Charles Schumann. Thanks to this talented man, Schumann’s bar can easily be called one of the best in Germany today. In the institution you can not only miss a couple of classic American cocktails, but also have a full lunch.

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