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The updated interior of the restaurant at the National Hotel

Moscow Hotel National is a legendary historical monument. It hosts guests in historical interiors, and among those household items those that belonged to the royal family are preserved. Of course, such a renovation is a huge responsibility for the architect, because the project will definitely become a visiting card of the master. The Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya and Vozrozhdenie were entrusted with updating the hotel’s restaurant area.

The historic restaurant of the National Hotel with the Italian name Piazza Rossa delights guests not only with panoramic views of Red Square, but also with its unusual interior, created in the style of the early twentieth century. Moreover, the kitchen is run by the famous Italian chef Cristiano Andreini, the owner of several of his own restaurants and the owner of the Michelin star. The restaurant has an exclusive winery, so everything here is designed so that guests can relax in a luxurious atmosphere of exquisite beauty and taste.

We asked several questions to Marina Putilovskaya, the author of the restaurant’s interior design.

Entrant: Tell us about the history of the project. Who was it created for? How did the design process go? How did you find inspiration?

Marina Putilovskaya: In 2013, a tender was organized to finish the restaurant area of ​​the National Hotel, which was attended by the best architectural and design studios in Russia and Europe. We are very proud that the work on the national heritage of the country was entrusted to the Marina Putilovskaya Design Bureau.

A .: What is the area of ​​the premises? How many people can a restaurant hold?

MP: The St. Petersburg Hall with an area of ​​131.05 square meters is designed for 74 seats, the Vladimir Hall with an area of ​​43 square meters is designed for 18 seats. The total area of ​​the restaurant is 174.05 square meters, it was designed for 92 seats.

A .: What is the highlight of this project? Conceptual idea?

MP: We have a great responsibility. The complexity of the project was not only in historical significance, but also in the numerous details available, which had to be taken into account when designing a restaurant. Each room contained historical elements, such as ceilings, which, together with the renowned restoration company Vozrozhdenie, we cleared to restore the original colors that emphasize the beauty of this interior. The color scheme of the restaurant is designed in warm autumn colors. In the process, the original color scheme of the restaurant area, which was mentioned in historical sources, was restored.

A .: How did you pick up the furniture? Textile? New accessories?

Of course, in addition to the existing details, the interior needed a new breath of air, which gave the restaurant a new life. This was created thanks to the unique flooring, beautiful furniture, flowing curtains, crystal chandeliers, wall panels and mirrors. Each of these elements recreated the former harmony and unity of the interior, which revived the era of the beginning of the XX century.

For the restaurant, custom-made furniture was made according to certain technological parameters: high seats, stiffer pillows, non-flammable upholstery. Any restaurant has a limit, so one or two companies are selected, which works with the general order.

A .: What determines the choice of art paintings?

One of the hall decorations was the portraits of Russian girls in national costumes. These portraits were specially selected to emphasize the Russian flavor of the restaurant’s interior. All works of art were selected with the help of the staff of the gallery Alpenrose art collection and fit perfectly into the general theme and style of the restaurant.

A .: The hotel building itself is built in an eclectic style with modern elements. Would you like to bring elements of Moscow Art Nouveau to the interior?

In the restaurant you can see different stylistic trends that overlap with the style of the hotel. For example, there is a separate room, made with the inclusion of modern elements in furniture or its upholstery, stucco molding, lighting.

A .: The hotel “National” is the most senior guests. For whom exactly did you create your interior in the general sense – for the customer, for outstanding guests or for yourself? Did you get satisfaction from this job?

MP: The interior of the restaurant was created both for the customer, and for high-ranking guests, and partially for themselves. The main task was to maximize the reconstruction of the historical interior, which would retain all the elements, lines and, most importantly, the feeling that you are in contact with centuries of history. As the management of the National Hotel noted, the result exceeded all expectations.

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