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New underground bars in St. Petersburg

Sergey Goncharov, a bar expert and author of a book on informal Petersburg, talks about the best cultural and ceremonial places from the recently opened.

“Underground bars” is a rather vague concept: in most cases it is a unique (and risky in terms of business model) concept, which involves informal communication between employees and customers (up to throwing glasses in the head), a strange location (to save on rent) and lack of signage. And if you cook food without using the Maggi gluconate seasoning, then you want to kiss the cook, who usually turns out to be a bartender. Almost always, such places are located either in the basements of the gates, or in abandoned research institutes, or in dilapidated mansions. As a result, the existence of these places can be found only from their regulars – for example, from me.

It’s a shame, but over the past year the “beloved” thrash-alco-centers like the corner of Dumskaya and Lomonosov or Ligovsky, 50, have not pleased us with any discoveries. And while on Ligovka towards the “Ionoteka” the “path of the people” of suspiciously young girls with half-cocks of “Blazer” continues to “not overgrow, then now only the nostalgic songs of young punk groups remind of the“ greatness ”of the same Dumskaya. Whatever the reason, but the pattern is obvious: today all new underground bars open on the basis of other platforms. Further – about the best of these institutions.

How to find: Kolomenskaya St., 31, right basement in the doorway of the house.

This is probably not even a bar. Rather, a strange cellar with cheap (but sometimes tasty) home-made alcohol, chatty bartenders and Corgi dogs that run underfoot. Poetic evenings, concerts, and lectures are constantly held here: the party is rather mottled, although all the regular guests are from the sphere of communication around the Sisto transference festival. Which is logical, since the employees of The Mystery also participate in it and organize the Atlantis scene there.

The place to open this bar, to put it mildly, was chosen not the most obvious. Even inveterate party-goers in St. Petersburg try to bypass the deserted Kolomenskaya street at night: if it weren’t for the nearby Niko bar, whose visitors are used to watching, it might be decided that this is just some strange Petersburg reserve of staggering drunken men. But in “The Secret” the public is more decent, and neighbors are better off not talking about prices: shots at 100 rubles, local home-made (often tasty) beer – from 150 rubles. for 0.5 liters.

Secret closed
st. Kolomenskaya, 31
Ligovsky Avenue
Go to the institution page
How to find: Exchange line, 8. Further through the entrance, to the second floor and to the far part of the corridor.

cult of 100 spb, cult of spb, cult100
This is a project of Max Komov, who is mostly known in the city as the founder of the Arthouse Cinema “Cinema without Popcorn”. For the past ten years, his cinema has served as a youth alternative to “Motherland” for all lovers of Bergman, Pazolini and Tarkovsky, and the new Cult100 project was a continuation of the recently closed Cultural Capital jazz bar on 9 Belinsky (see the article “Top Jazz Places According to Billy Novika “). The format of the wine and jazz bar here was changed after the first week of the institution: now it is an intelligent tea room with gatherings for a game of chess and film screenings. That format is consistent with the premises in the building of an abandoned research institute. An ideal place for students and teachers from neighboring St. Petersburg State University.

Exchange line, 8-10
Vasileostrovskaya, Sports
Go to the institution page
How to find: Exchange line, 12, the territory of the former GOI them. Vavilova

The institution opened only in early October, so its format has not yet managed to show itself in all its glory. Everything here is in the best traditions of creative places: an intelligent atmosphere, ancient chandeliers and stucco molding, on the lower tier there is a large platform for theatrical productions, they pour “what is” from alcohol (I was lucky for good wine so far). There is even not a very demanding kitchen. In such places you usually find yourself when you go to some other artist’s get-togethers in a workshop in the city center. In fact, “Lobby” is a good platform where you come to drink wine or coffee in a pleasant company. As events, poetry evenings, concerts, exhibitions, etc. are held here. The guys are doing everything to mow under the salons of the Silver Age, and it turns out more than successful.

Exchange line, 12
Go to the institution page
How to find: Exchange line, 12, the territory of the former GOI them. Vavilova.

bar darkens spb; darkens bar spb
The institution is located next to the “Restoration of Morals” and is mainly focused on concerts. The format is a strange mixture of bar, concert venue and show room. In principle, more is not necessary for an underground establishment: the main thing is that the quality of concerts at an excellent level is verified. If not invited musicians, then “jam”, if not live music.

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New underground bars in St. Petersburg
Sergey Goncharov, a bar expert and author of a book on informal Petersburg, talks about the best cultural and ceremonial places from the recently opened. “Underground bars" is a rather…


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