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The best restaurants and bars for dating in St. Petersburg

Socialite Katya Baranova tells where you can meet with a uniform scoundrel, in which bars – to find love and where good boys go.
This article was supposed to be different: I, as an author, an experienced St. Petersburg tracker in terms of institutions, and, apparently, an unmarried girl with a big heart, were asked the topic “In which restaurants you can meet a good man?”. I smiled, remembering that acquaintance in the institution only twice brought me luck, but not victory, as the free ring finger on my right hand testifies.

Katya Baranova
I made up my top institutions where men live, but so that you better understand which of these hotspots has gathered romantics, and which of the villains.

Who you can meet: good guys with style.

studio tapas bar, bars for dating, where to get to know
The restaurant impresses me with its pleasant food, atmosphere and audience. This place is for good guys, but not always. They are brought here either by girls with decent taste, or by the popularity of the establishment. For bullies, this place is frankly small: you won’t wave your hands, legs will not come out wider. Everywhere intelligent girls in black jackets, but with pearls – you can’t grab the hand. But for lovers of the concept in everything this place is perfect.

Atelier Tapas & bar

st. Lakhtinskaya, 8
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Big wine freaks
Who you can meet: men with money, but without respect for women.

Big Wine Freaks, big vine freeks, bwf where to meet, restaurants and bars for dating
A place with experience – about the same as the surname Liberman. Just a month ago, I ordered a business class taxi at the following address: Instrumentalnaya Street. A young man came to the Audi A8 and stickily looked at me: “Where are we going to Big Wine Freaks?”. I was even numb from such a presentation: at the end of his question I heard the unspoken: “Well, where else do you want to.” It seemed that this man first moonlights as an expensive taxi, and then, closer to the night, treats the girls with expensive wine, of course, in the BWF. Judging by the tone of the phrase and the expression on his face, he was dissatisfied with life and, accordingly, he had not yet met the princess-doe-decembrist wife who was needed, as described in Russian fairy tales. I mean, I didn’t meet there. I did not enter into his sphere of interests, since I was not in the BWF to carry my 157 cm of too smart growth. But, frankly, I have not visited this establishment since 2016: men who treat women no better than a new phone are terribly angry. Here you can meet the very taxi driver who is unlikely to admit how he got the money for this excellent glass of wine: there is a car, there is a jacket, he earned money, but he did not work out respect for the woman, alas.

Big wine freaks

st. Instrumental, 3
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Bolshoy bar
Who you can meet: your love! Just do not plan this on purpose.

bolshoy bar, a large bar where to meet in St. Petersburg, restaurants and bars for dating
A place for those who like to drink and who the Petrograd side does not let go. And Krestovsky Island in addition! Everything comes across here: golden youth and not golden, gastro-critics and those who hire them, foreigners from the nearest hotel and socialites, once I even met an escaped bride there. By the way, yes, it was there that I met love. But, girls, I did not plan this at all, but simply surrendered to the will of my own intuition. Bolshoy Bar unites with its atmosphere and size, and people invariably are packed with a dense crowd into a friendly 42 square meters.


P.S. Bolshoi ave., 45
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“Chinese letter”
Who you can meet: city guests and young snobs.

Chinese letter, where to meet in St. Petersburg, restaurants and bars for dating
Moscow restaurateur collects primarily Moscow vagrant birds or birds from far away. Who is heard less – St. Petersburg young snobs. That’s why they are young, so far to bathe in Rappoport’s charisma and while away supper in the decorously important atmosphere of Chinese socialism. Recently, the restaurant has begun to step towards night DJ sets and cocktail-sparkling evenings, which significantly increases the chances for casual communication.

Chinese letter

nab. Moika River, 7A
Nevsky Prospect, Admiralteyskaya, Gostiny Dvor
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Who you can meet: party-goers in style.

Animal farm where to meet in St. Petersburg, restaurants and bars for dating
The “farmyard” is really animal farm. There are sheep, sheep, turkeys, peacocks, roosters, bulls, pigs, hares, calves, hens and guinea fowls. Their interaction is the same: look, so that they do not crush your feet with a hoof and don’t spit on your face how much in vain are local bulls. If you are a thunder girl and a subcultural prince is your dream, then prepare your Vetements lighters for Friday and the Balenciaga bow for Saturday. I promise success is guaranteed.

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