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Light, piquant, fragrant, unforgettable, oriental – as soon as you write about fish! Seafood is impressive, but today we will get to know not only it, but also the best unique fish restaurants in the world.
Tokyo, Japan
Feature: Hand-made hunting for your dinner.
Having visited this restaurant, fishing enthusiasts will kill two birds with one stone: in ZAUO you can catch your own lunch! The fish arsenal of the establishment will definitely impress you: from inexpensive mackerels to unique marine creatures like dog fish. If you like just watching the process, the nimble restaurant staff will catch the fish for you (the waiters speak English relatively well). You can also choose a cooking method, be it sushi or fried filet.

A cozy terrace in the shape of the deck of a ship surrounded by water will create an unforgettable oceanic atmosphere for refined fishing.

The third advantage of this hunt will definitely be the quality of the dish, because the guarantee of its taste is precisely the freshness of the products! And what can be fresher than a hand-caught delicacy?

Asador extebarri

Bizkaia, Spain

Feature: Only Manual Labor and Grill

Away from the city hype and bustle between the villages located in the hollows of the insanely beautiful Basque landscapes, a unique and one of the 50 best restaurants in the world was lost!

Victor Arguinzoniz (Victor Arguinzoniz) became famous throughout the world for his culinary talent, and in Spain he is called nothing more than “the genius of the grill.”

Two of the most interesting highlights of his restaurant:

The cook himself is self-taught! He cooks extremely simple dishes, but no one in the world can repeat them, and the taste is unlikely to be forgotten. Here you can try smoked caviar, grilled cod or tiny octopuses. In addition, only in this institution you will be able to taste the mollusk barnacle, unknown to Russian gourmets.
The second unique quality of the restaurant is amateur performances in the truest sense of the word: the cooks carry the water from a mountain spring themselves, also beat the butter by hand, squeeze the cheese on their own, grow vegetables and animals on the spot!
The list goes on, but the very lack of modern culinary appliances in the kitchen during the time of technological progress is simply amazing, because the golden hands of cooks in front of visitors turn fish dishes into culinary masterpieces without any outside help, and it is very cool!

Ithaa undersea restaurant

Rangali Island, Maldives

Feature: we eat under a 5-meter water column

It’s somehow not up to the fish when you are sitting under the belly of sharks and stingrays swimming by! But seriously – in this restaurant you will really be sitting in a huge underwater aquarium, watching the incredible life of the ocean of a beautiful island in the Maldives.

Interesting information:

the restaurant is part of the local Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa;
to get there, you need to go down 5 meters in depth;
you don’t need special equipment to descend into the water – a spiral staircase leads to the establishment;
price per person – from $ 120.
In addition, here you will not see crowds of tourists clinging to the glass and trying to consider the details of the underwater world – there are only 14 visitors in the restaurant, so book yourself a table in advance.

Here you can taste carpaccio from lobster, lobster or yellow tuna, an exquisite tartar of reef fish and much more. The main thing is to find yourself under water and feel the atmosphere!

Le bernardin

New York, USA

Feature: fish, fish and only fish

The best fish establishment not only in New York, but also in the world is the restaurant Le Bernardin, whose menu has no other dishes except fish. Chefs promise that even if you do not like seafood, then after visiting the restaurant, be sure to change your mind!

Thanks to chef Eric Ripper and his team, the restaurant holds high ratings in periodicals such as the New York Times and also holds the brand of three Michelin stars. By the way, the chef himself spends all the time at the stove, unlike other famous cooks.

The restaurant can boast of its unique development of preparing each marine product with spices that, on the rise, will emphasize and complement the unique taste of fish.

Here you can try pickled geodes with corn, shrimp stuffed with shrimp and shiitake mushrooms, fried squid, and salted cod with bright arugula and lemon confit pesto sauce.

According to Time Out magazine, the award of which is considered one of the most prestigious in the field of gastronomy on the island of Aphrodite Epsilon resto bar Discovery…


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