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Restaurant Mirazur from Menton, France, chef Mauro Colagreco, has won the S. World Pellegrino and Acqua Panna competition for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The winners of the prestigious global…

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The best fish restaurants in the world

Fish and other inhabitants of the deep sea are a special type of product, from which, with the appropriate skill, delicious dishes can be prepared. Seafood diet is considered one of the most useful. But in order to enjoy it completely, you need to live somewhere close to the sea or ocean. Perhaps that is why the best fish restaurants in the world are located in such corners of the planet.

Le Petit Nice Passédat (Marseille, France)

Despite the fact that Marseille cannot be called the culinary center of France, if you are looking for the most delicious seafood dishes, here you are. And the most famous fish cuisine is located in a small hotel restaurant, which belongs to the third generation of the Paseda family. The hotel, located on a rocky shore, has a total of 16 rooms. The terrace offers a magical view of the sea, and the smell of breeze mixes with the aroma of culinary masterpieces. Local fishermen supply fresh fish, oysters, mussels and lobsters, from which a comprehensive tasting menu is prepared. And the Michelin stars assigned to the restaurant speak about the level of cookery art.

Cervejaria Ramiro (Lisbon, Portugal)

Servierier Ramiro is a Lisbon restaurant that looks more like a cafe or a beer bar. It is located away from tourist routes, so those who want to enjoy exotic seafood need to know the road in advance. Its visitors are mostly locals who love to skip a glass of beer with fried shrimp and crab. Fish is not served here, but all the other inhabitants of the sea are prepared excellently, served with beer or cold young wine. The most refined dish is hard-to-digest and surprisingly delicious sea truffles.

Le Bernardin (New York, United States)

One of the most famous fish restaurants in the world moved to New York from France with its owners Gilbert and Maguy Le Koz in 1987. All but a few of the dishes on the menu include seafood. As for the quality, no one has yet to receive three Michelin stars. The secret of taste is in spices that are selected for each type of product in such a way as to emphasize their taste. The restaurant’s interior looks very simple: wooden panels, white tablecloths on round tables, comfortable soft chairs with armrests – all in order to emphasize: the main thing here is the kitchen.

Al Mahara (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

One of the best fish restaurants is located in one of the highest hotels in the world, Burj al-Arab. True, those who are interested in fish dishes will not have to admire the panoramic views, but quite the opposite – “sink under the water on the bathyscaphe” and swim for a few minutes. In fact, all this is a skillful video simulation, but the mood sets the appropriate. Especially when you find yourself in a restaurant hall located around a giant aquarium with all kinds of fish. Halls adjoin the aquarium with tables arranged so that visitors can enjoy the aquatic world during meals.

Sukiyabashi Jiro (Tokyo, Japan)

Speaking about fish restaurants, one can not ignore traditional sushi. And they are best prepared in the world in a Japanese restaurant under the guidance of the owner and founder Jiro Ono. The Japanese government recognized this phenomenal cook as a “national treasure” for the unique contribution he made to Japanese cuisine. Interestingly, frequent visitors to the restaurant are chefs from other Tokyo establishments. The restaurant is more like a private club. English is not spoken here, and a table can be reserved only in Japanese. The menu, as well as communication, is all exclusively in Japanese. So getting here is not so easy.

Ithaa (Maldives)

Maldives is the dream of all the tourists of the world. And if you are lucky enough to get into this oceanic tropical paradise, do not forget to supplement your impressions with a visit to the underwater restaurant, whose name translates as “Mother of Pearl.” Here, only 14 visitors can be accommodated at a time, so you will have to reserve places in advance. If you are not afraid of five meters of water above your head behind the thickness of the glass and impressive sharks, you can even taste the delicious taste of a variety of fish dishes.

Asador Etxebarri (San Juan, Spain)

The most amazing restaurant in the list of the best restaurants in the world is not at all under water, but in a small Spanish village. Here, apparently, the most brilliant self-taught chef Victor Arkinsonis, who cooks so deliciously that the fame about his sea dishes spreads all over the world. And now, attention: the main and almost the only seasoning that he uses is salt. The rest is the secret of the master’s friendship with fire, on which all these delicious oysters, caviar, shrimp and fish are cooked. Or maybe in a system of grills of their own design or coals from fruit trees. The menu is determined every day based on products that were brought into the kitchen early in the morning. It is said that the dishes prepared by this cook are a real firework of taste.

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