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5 best classic British restaurants in London

One of London’s most famous seafood restaurants opened in the 1890s at St Martin’s Court in exchange for permission to serve dinner after a performance for Lord Salisbury. And after more than a century, the restaurant retains Victorian charm. Its halls are hung with photographs of the stars of the scene, who often come here from neighboring theaters. Restrained decoration, soft light and waiters in black jackets and ties scurrying around the room with tin trays set the tone for the place. The menu – from the legendary fish cake to flatfish with bearnese or haddock with fried potatoes (the famous fish and chips) – simply does not allow you to order something unintelligible. In the neighboring, more informal oyster bar of the restaurant you can have a bite to eat a dozen shellfish before the performance, but it is better to settle down in the back of the restaurant and enjoy the performance played out by life itself.

28-35 St Martin’s Court


These restaurants are synonymous with the perfect British beef steak. Decorated in an Art Deco style, overlooking Regent Street was the first in which the menu is almost evenly divided between meat and fish and seafood (they are brought here from the fish market in Devon). So you can enjoy full-weight steaks seasoned with Dutch sauce, steamed Dartmund lobster, and grilled seafood. Do not miss the cocktail menu, which has a section of ancient awakening cocktails, known since 1821. On occasion, remember that the wine list is not only extensive, but also not as expensive as in other traditional restaurants.

5 best classic British restaurants in London
5A Air Street

5 best classic British restaurants in London
This modern brasserie at Ace Hotel in Schoredich is one of the hottest scenes for advanced food. The space is decided in retro Scandinavian style. The entrance to the restaurant is through a flower shop. The menu includes a parade of hits of English comfort food: a pie with chicken and mushrooms, fried salmon with shallot puree and berblan sauce, pasta with cheese and grilled ribeye. From early morning until late evening, you can enjoy a serving of modern English cuisine with a tea break with cones (fragrant buns), whipped cream and homemade jam.

100 Shoreditch High Street


Since its discovery in 1707, Fortnum, as most Londoners call it, has become part of the travelers agenda. Seafarers, researchers and archaeologists have always crowded here with their famous wicker baskets, which housed food, tablecloths, china and appliances – a guarantee of a decent feast. In addition to the historical store, the tea boutique at St Pancras Station was the first place where you can buy selected tea, the best jam and aromatic honey (Fortnum hives are kept right on the roof of the station), have breakfast with Benedict eggs, order a fish cake or rooster in wine and enjoy blueberries – apple custard with English custard. Eurostar trains arrive at St Pancras from Paris, so waiting for your friends you can collect a basket of delicious British souvenirs for them right on the store’s iPad.

St pancras international

5 best restaurants in London with classic British cuisine (photo 20)
5 best restaurants in London with classic British cuisine (photo 21)
Rules was founded by Thomas Rule in 1789. London’s oldest restaurant specializes in traditional British food with an emphasis on classic game dishes. Fathers bring their sons here, and those, then, their own, and so for almost 230 years. The restaurant exudes the atmosphere and charm of old England. Paintings and caricatures of politicians are hung on wooden wall panels, and velvet red banquets are soft and comfortable. We advise you to try partridges, pheasants, venison and wild rabbit from the property of the owners of the restaurant in Tisdale. Just like Charles Dickens and William Thackeray or the heroes of the novels of Evelyn Waugh, Graham Green and John Le Carré did once.

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