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Best restaurants and taverns in Greece

Great food – the passion of the Greeks. Who will not be tempted by beautiful meze, perfectly baked, juicy fish, baked lamb with potatoes, a glass of ruby-colored wine or a fragrant piece of baking?

Greek dishes are passion, celebration, cultural expression and even the manifestation of personal and family memories.

So, are you already hungry? Then we invite you on a trip to the restaurants of Greece and its best taverns (the restaurants and taverns of Greece listed below have earned the best culinary awards: Golden Cap, Greek Cuisine Awards, Gastronomy Awards, Michelin Stars. In addition, they really offer amazing Greek dishes at prices that do not exceed € 30 (often less) per person (without wine), the order includes salad, main course and dessert).

Kali Orexi! (Bon Appetit)

First Greek Cuisine Award:

Varulco (15.5 / 20)
Lefteris Lazaru is not only a symbol of gastronomic Athens, but also a creative chef who is constantly evolving. His dishes contain aesthetic simplicity and sophistication of taste, while maintaining an amazing taste and interesting combinations. An interesting new dish is fried bream with bread, accompanied by eggplant mousse painted with cuttlefish ink, which hides the red color of florinsky pepper.
Despite the fact that his cuisine, awarded, incidentally, by the Michelin star, is focused on seafood, its importance extends to the whole of Greek cooking.
> Piraeus 80, Ceramikos, 2105228400

Electra restaurant in Athens Varulco, restaurants in Greece; Spondi, restaurants in Greece

Spondi (17.5 / 20)
The victory of “Spondi” on the Greek culinary scene is not at all accidental. Led by renowned chef Eric Frechon (3 Michelin stars) and led by Arnaud Bignon, this year the restaurant is also aiming for another Michelin star. In this beautiful establishment, an amazing collection of cheeses, sweets, an excellent selection of wines and drinks, the best in Greece, is selected.
> Pyrronos 5, Pagrati, 2107520658, 2107564021

Golden Cap Award Restaurants in Greece:

Electra Restaurant (15/20)
A beautiful view of the Acropolis and the award-winning Golden Hat chef Giorgos Venieris creates innovative dishes from your favorite traditional foods and presents a deep-flavored cuisine. What else is needed for happiness?
> Nicodemus 18-20 (Hotel Electra Palace), Plaka, 2103370000

Selini, Santorini Restaurant; Clochard Bar Restaurant, Milos, Greece Restaurants

Selini (14.5 / 20)
Giorgos Hatziannakis and Konstantin Faklari love local products. Their dishes are the anthem of creative Greek cuisine and the pearl of Santorini.
> Fira (Pyrgos Santorini) 2286022249

Milos Estiatorio (14.5 / 20)
Only the finest ingredients used in the restaurant emphasize the exquisite aspect of Greek products.
> You. Sofias 46 (Hilton Athens Hotel), 2107244400

Vardis (14.5 / 20)
Greek creative cuisine finds an interesting expression in the person of Asteriu Kustudi, a young chef with great potential.
> Dilijannis 66 (Pedelikon Hotel), Kifissia, 2106230650-6

Afiri (14/20)
Alexandros Kardasis maintains a steady course towards the development of Greek cuisine, which is firmly based on natural Greek products and traditional recipes.
> Plateon 15, Ceramikos, 2103462983

Vasilenas (14/20)
The cuisine of Manolis Aslanoglu is one of the most inventive and promising in Greece with attractive offers.
> Etholica 72, Piraeus, 2104612457

Alekos Restaurant in RethymnonMavrikosGalazia Akti. Grand resort lagonissi

Alekos (14/20)
“Puppet” traditional Cretan tavern “Cafenio” with all Cretan traditions in the most refined and delicious versions. In addition to well-prepared dishes, it is worth trying sheepskin in the oven or lamb ribs, cooked as in a “large” restaurant.
> Armenia, Rethymno, Crete 2831041185

Galazya Akti (14/20)
Above the waves, Giannis Baksevanis personally prepares innovative Greek cuisine based on excellent ingredients and plays with sophistication and comfort with great success.
> 40km Leoforos Athens-Sounion (Hotel “Grand Resort Lagonissi”), 2291076000

Clochard (14/20)
Greek city cuisine with a deep taste and impeccability, in a modern “reading” of recipes, in a luxurious setting, timeless top restaurant in Thessaloniki.
> Proxeno Coromila 4, Thessaloniki, 2310239805

Domata (Tomato) (14/20)
Tasty experiments, creative compositions and simple dishes in the summer restaurant of the chef Hrisanf Karamolegkos, who will offer you his personal version of Greek cuisine.
> Hotel «Sani Resort», Sani, Halkidiki, 2374099465

Mauritius (14/20)
A synonym for gastronomy in Rhodes. Dimitris Mavrikos uses simple ingredients and turns them into gourmet dishes. Its “horse” is seafood. Carefully selected products and gourmet dishes based on simple recipes.
> Central square of Lindos, Rhodes, 2244031232

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Best restaurants and taverns in Greece
Great food - the passion of the Greeks. Who will not be tempted by beautiful meze, perfectly baked, juicy fish, baked lamb with potatoes, a glass of ruby-colored wine or…


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