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The best restaurants in Istanbul

The tourist center of Turkey impresses its guests not only with fascinating routes to the sights, but also with real oriental hospitality. In the city you will find more than 20 thousand establishments with delicacies from various countries. Delicious national dishes, dishes prepared according to European, Japanese and Korean recipes – here every gourmet will find a place to his taste. And legends around the world go about oriental sweets.

Where are the best restaurants with panoramic views? What places are considered the most expensive? What is worth trying out of national delicacies in the first place? You will learn about all this in our article.

And in order not to get lost in the variety of restaurants and cafes, we suggest you go on a gastronomic trip with a Russian-speaking guide. A cruise along the Bosphorus with dinner, a walk through a cozy cafe and many interesting stories about Istanbul’s culinary traditions await you during the tours.

Features of Turkish cuisine
Thanks to its favorable location between Europe and Asia, Turkish cuisine harmoniously combines Caucasian, European and Arabic recipes. The most popular dishes are meat and fish dishes. This is lamb kebab, which is cooked on an open fire, as well as manti – a hearty snack with minced meat, spices and sauce. Shashlik called doner is very popular among tourists, and kyufte is meatballs with greens and spices. From seafood you can try a variety of delicacies: fish in paper, smoked salmon, baked squid, octopus salads.

Turkish desserts deserve special attention. We recommend starting your acquaintance with baklava masterfully prepared according to old recipes. Another world-wide sweetness is Turkish delight, which is made from molasses, juice, honey, nuts and fruits.

As a snack in Turkey, it is customary to serve baked goods. The most delicious are simit bagels with sesame seeds, lush rolls with different fillings and flat pita cakes seasoned with spices, cottage cheese or salad.

Top Istanbul restaurants overlooking the Bosphorus
The decoration of the capital of Turkey are institutions with panoramic views. Most of them are located on the coasts, hotel roofs and cliffs, right above the Bosphorus. If you are interested in places with the most beautiful views, delicious cuisine and loyal prices, then be sure to look at the following list:

The establishment is located on the 7th floor of the Orient Express Hotel, which offers stunning views of the Sea of ​​Marmara, the Bosphorus, bridges, palaces and other attractions of Istanbul. In the warmer months, it is better to book a table on the outdoor terrace.

Most of the dishes on the menu relate to Mediterranean cuisine, for vegetarians there is a separate list of delicacies. The most delicious are eggplant snacks and soups.

Prices, compared to other restaurants of this level, are quite low. A hearty dinner for two with alcohol will cost 50-65 euros.

This is one of the best fish restaurants in the city, located on the coast of the Bosphorus. For visitors who wish to enjoy the beauty of the sea, a spacious terrace is provided here. The Poseidon menu abounds with national delicacies and a wide variety of fish dishes.

Guests are given the opportunity to independently choose the products from which dinner or lunch will be prepared. The most delicious dish is seafood platter, sea bass, bonito, red mullet and grilled octopus.

On average, dinner at Poseidon will cost you 60-80 euros.

Changa is known for combining different culinary traditions in the menu, as well as adding fusion dishes to the list of delicacies.

You can enjoy the fresh sea air and picturesque views by ordering a table on the summer terrace. Although seeing the number of dishes on the menu, you can easily forget about the surrounding beauty. Kebabs with French sauce, meatballs and other Mediterranean delights are prepared here only from natural products.

Changa also has a large selection of wines and a stylish interior designed in the style of 60-70s.

Thanks to its exquisite decoration and sumptuous culinary assortment, 5.Kat has become a well-known holiday destination for both locals and city guests. Its design resembles a movie set or a luxury hotel room. The halls are decorated with antique chandeliers, velvet curtains, flowerpots, furniture made of precious wood and other decorative elements.

The menu features a wide range of European and African dishes. It is interesting that some of the culinary masterpieces here are prepared by the hostess of the institution – actress Yasemina Alkaya.

360 Istanbul
Since 2004, 360 Istanbul has been recognized as one of the best restaurants in the city. The establishment is located on the 8th floor, from where you can enjoy views of the Bosphorus, St. Anthony’s Cathedral and the Golden Horn.

Its menu impresses with a variety of dishes of Mediterranean, Japanese, Turkish and author’s cuisine.

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