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Located in a 17th-century building in Mdine, in rooms built by the Grand Master of the Order for Ammunition. I hosted many banquets, weddings, etc. There is the opportunity to order a special menu for a large group of people. In the summer months, you can sit in the air, enjoying beautiful views and a beautiful garden.

Seats: 600 outside on the terrace, 500 inside in the banquet room. There are also interior rooms with 45 and 80 beds.

The restaurant overlooks the beautiful Ballut and Spinola bays in the popular tourist area of ​​St. Julian’s. It is located right on the edge of the sea in an 18th-century building. The balcony of the restaurant is one of the most romantic places for dinner in Malta. It is universally recognized as one of the best restaurants in Malta: order the fish of today’s catch here (barracuda, if you’re lucky) – and you will understand why.

Seats: 90 inside and 60 outside.

Blue elephant
A Thai restaurant is located at Hilton St. Julians. Tables are surrounded by waterfalls, plants and tropical flowers. Fresh fruits and herbs are brought here directly from Thailand. Dishes are prepared using authentic Thai ingredients according to the recipes of the Royal Palace.

In the fishing village of Marsaxlock, book a table at Southport Restaurant, right on the coast. This is one of the most popular restaurants on the island, so coming here without an order will be reckless. Order fresh fish and seafood – come here just for them.

Sa re ga ma
A must for lovers of Indian cuisine. Great food and wonderful atmosphere. You can take a table inside, in the restaurant hall, or you can sit in the charming courtyard by the pool. Order Bombay potatoes, samos, dopiasis lamb and tandoori chicken. The prices in the wine list will pleasantly surprise you – however, as in most places on the island.

The taste
If you value fusion, try the restaurant under Taste – The Taste, another great restaurant at the Fortina Hotel in Sliema. The unusual combination of Mediterranean and Vietnamese cuisine gives four main notes on the menu: pungency, sweetness, salt and sourness. Add to this a wonderful atmosphere – and a good evening is guaranteed.

Can thai
Hotel Fortina in Sliema is famous for its restaurants. And if you decide to explore this gastronomic oasis, do not miss Can Thai, with its Thai and Chinese cuisine. Order a Peking duck and Alsatian riesling to it (a bottle for 18 euros is possible).

Lovers of Japanese and Korean cuisine will again have to look into the complex of the Fortina Hotel in Sliema. Great restaurant – a little too expensive by local standards (a portion of bibimbap for 22 euros). However, for business negotiations with an important partner, the place is better to come up with.

De mondion
If you are in an uncompromising mood and today you will be satisfied only with the most exquisite food in a sophisticated atmosphere – welcome to visit David Bonello, the famous chef and winner of numerous awards. He does his magic in the kitchen of the De Mondion restaurant in the Balloon Palace in the old capital of Mdina. Expect a unique evening.

Real connoisseurs of fusion – here. On the menu: Thai curry, Indonesian noodles, Singaporean seafood, continental lamb and Japanese teriyaki. An open wine cellar and a sushi bar where a chef cuts sashimi directly opposite you. A famous place, definitely worth a visit.

Luna di sera
The evening moon is the embodiment of the dream of Baroness Scycluna and her daughter Justine, the heirs of the famous castle of Parisio. They did not ask for subsidies from the European Union to maintain the historic palace, but founded in it a real gourmet paradise. If you drop by the Palazzo Parisio in Nashar and dine at the Luna di sera restaurant, this will guarantee an unforgettable trip.

Hidden diamonds of the Maltese culinary scene. The scene is the capital of Valletta. In search of culinary adventures, boldly turn off the central Republic Street to the parallel Old Bakery Street, here you will find Rubino. The restaurant is small, with only 45 seats – the whole corporation will not come here, but a small group will be welcome. And then – open the menu and boldly into battle.

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