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Where to eat in Prague

One of the main attractions of Prague is Czech national cuisine. Truth be told, there isn’t even any original dishes in the Czech Republic – a “boar’s knee”, it’s also a “knuckle” popular in Bavaria, Czech-beloved goulash came from Hungary, sausages that are sold in Prague on every corner are a purely Austrian theme . But here it is cooked somehow particularly tasty. I must say right away that for all 3 days in the Czech capital we have not seen a single frankly tasteless restaurant.

Prague restaurants
Old Town Square – the most delicious restaurants of Prague are concentrated near it

About where to eat in Prague and this article will be. Naturally, a separate part of it will be devoted to where to drink here, because almost legends go about the famous Czech beer and old Prague pubs.

Beer Restaurants in Prague
Yes, in every Prague institution you will be poured a glass of beer and it is possible that everywhere it will be, if not outstanding, at least pleasant. But in this chapter we will talk about places where beer seemed to us especially tasty, but at the same time the food was decent (that’s why the chapter was called “Restaurants”, and not just “Beer Prague”)

U Zlaty Konvice
This restaurant is very conveniently located – almost on the Old Town Square, but at the same time, it is not a checkpoint. We noticed that the guests didn’t come here “along the way”, but mainly on the preliminary reserve, and this, verified, is a sign of a good establishment.

The interior is also the most memorable of all the cafes and restaurants in Prague that we visited, the U Zlaty Konvice style – this is a classic Czech-style restaurant with a “hunting style”, with stuffed animals, horns, half-wall bear skins, and heavy wooden furniture. In general, atmospheric, authentic.

Restaurant U Zlaty Konvice

Menu: in U Zlaty Konvice it is varied and convenient – it is translated into several languages ​​of the world and all positions in it are numbered. That is, you choose a dish that you like in your own language and just tell the waiter its number.

Here is a very delicate and tasty shank (“Boar Knee”). True, the side dish to her is weak – a couple of pickled hot peppers. If you want that very delicious stewed cabbage, then you need to order separately. I also recommend trying the garlic soup in the old Czech way, according to rumors, it is very tasty.

From beer in U Zlaty Konvice we tried Kruszowice. It is soft and absolutely not bitter. He doesn’t have any pronounced aftertaste, but this lightness and the absolute absence of bitterness are captivating. And yes, liter beer mugs are certainly strong 🙂

Address of institution: Melantrichova 477/22

Prices, as in many restaurants in Prague, are not very high (compared to other European capitals), given that the portions are very large. For dinner, for two, they left about 800 CZK (30 euros)

U tri ruzi
Another national beer restaurant in the center of Prague, where you can eat tasty and inexpensive. By the way, local people advised him, and this is a certain level of trust in the institution.

Immediately I will focus on the fact that in U tri ruzi (literally “At Three Roses”) – 3 floors, remember, THREE. Simply, there is an assumption that the waiters of each floor receive a percentage of the profit of their own floor, so the “first-floor” staff does not particularly spread about the availability of halls, which is very strange – at the entrance, the waiters are asked to wait for empty seats, tables on the 2nd and 3rd floor empty. We just knew about this fact, so almost all of us sat on the 2nd floor.

Restaurant U Tri Ruzi

“The Three Roses” has a very good cuisine – the meaty knuckle is large, served with stewed sauerkraut, the goulash in the bread is very tender and hearty, and in addition to the meat dishes, delicious pickles go in Russian.

Beer is also good, but not as memorable as in U Zlaty Konvice.

Address: Husova 232/10

U Fleku
The legendary Prague restaurant-brewery with almost 500 years of history. There are always a lot of people, almost no seats, despite the very large area and several halls. But the reason for this excitement is one – beer. I am not a connoisseur or fan of this drink, but I now learn the taste of beer from the brewery from Fleck from 1000. It is absolutely not bitter and has an unusual taste, very similar to coffee. It is these notes of coffee that make Flecku’s beer unusual and memorable.

Brewery Restaurant U Fleku

At U Flek, guests are not given the right to choose a drink, when you sit down at the table, they immediately bring you a glass of beer and only then the menu. There are a lot of people, a lot of waiters (at the same time they manage to devote time to all the guests and even joke), there is a lot of noise, there is still a feeling of a conveyor belt, but I suggest not paying attention to it, but making noise and having fun with everyone. Here the atmosphere is a real Czech beer house, and if you prefer restaurants in which you can drive a ball, then definitely not here – sit in some lounge bar in Moscow City on Tuesday afternoon.

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